As mentioned below there are plans underway to convert the neighbouring property into a strongman training area. Hopefully this will include many strongman events, as seen on TV on Britain's Strongest Man, including the following:

  • Barrel Carry and Load (16 stone and 18 stone barrels)
  • Tyre Flip (330kg and 380kg)
  • Farmers walk 100kg, 120kg, 140kg (made from oxy cylinders)
  • Log Lift 80kg, 100kg, 110kg, 120kg (buy)
  • Car Hold
  • Shield Walk (130kg and 180kg)
  • Atlas Stones¬†100kg, 120kg, 130kg, 140kg
  • Duckwalk 200kg
  • Basket circle
  • Anchor/chain drag

    This area will be open to members (who think they're strong enough) to use under my guidance. Hopefully we will see a few of you entering some strongman competitions. There are competitions being held all the time at both novice and open level. This provides a good platform for anyone who has ambitions to enter the full Britain's Strongest Man, for which you have to be IFSA registered (International Federation of Strength Athletes). Anyone wishing to start strongman training should email me or come and speak to me in the gym.

    To be able to do even novice strongman events you need to be able to deadlift and squat in excess of 200kg to have any chance of actually doing the events. You also need strong shoulders, abs and a strong grip. It is important to have a good anaerobic capacity as well, so include plenty of interval and circuit work as well as bag work into your training.