UKs Strongest Man

Be sure to watch this year's UK's Strongest Man on Channel 5. Day 1 aired early hours Thursday 1st Dec at 00:45 - 01:35. Day 2 airs next Wednesday 7th Dec 23:50 - 00:40, with the final being on early hours Tuesday 13th December 00:50 - 01:40. This is organized by the UKSC (UK Strength Council) federation. As mentioned below, there are now 3 federations each with their own "Britain's Stongest Man." This year, Mark Felix has already won the IFSA BSM and Mick Gosling has won the TWI BSM, neither of which have had television coverage. Judging by the difficulty of the events in the UK's, i'd say that the winner of this UK's Strongest Man is the "true" Britain's Strongest Man.