August Strongman Competitions

I will be competing in two back to back competitions at the end of August. On Sunday 27th August I will be competing in the Barnard Castle Truck Show Strongest Man at Streatlatm Farm in Barnard Castle County Durham. This starts at 1pm and the events are log press, basket circle, crucifix hold, carry and drag and truck pull.

The following day, Bank holiday Monday 28th August, I will be competing in the UK Strongman North competition at Moss Farm Recreation Centre in Northwich Cheshire as part of the Northwich Festival. This sarts at 12pm. events are truck pull, farmers walk, log press, medley (carry and load), giant tyre flip and conans wheel.

I have trained my little willy off for these competitions and have cut my bodyweight down from over 22 stone at my last competition in May to 19 and a half stone. Still haven't reached my peak of strength but am hoping to be there in 5 weeks time ready to compete.

My aim is to use these two competitions to gain more experience. I am also expanding my range of events at the gym to practice with and hopefully over the winter i can improve my gym strength drastically. If all goes well i will be looking to enter the UKs Strongest Man qualifier next year.