Northwich Festival Strongman Event

Martin took part in the Northwich Festival Strongman Event sponsored by Northwich Rugby club. There was a large turnout of strength athletes, 17 in all, and this is probably because of the £500 prize fund for the winner.

Martin ranked joint seventh overall in a fairly poor performance. He made too many mistakes on the super yoke and even failed the 100 kilo log, something with which he practices regularly at the gym. However, he did come first in two events - the car lift and the truck pull, breaking competition records in both. The competition was excellent and it was a really great day out. A full report is being drafted by the event organizers, so when its ready we will have a copy here with a brief commentary on it.

We also have videos of Martin in the events; these are also being uploaded, so watch this space. 

Martin is also taking part in the North East Strongest Man competition this Sunday, organized by Bob Daglish. The gym will be closed on Sunday due to this.