North East Strongest Man

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On Sunday the 10th of September Martin was lucky enough to be invited to the North East Strongest Man competition. The competitors here are of a different level than Martin has previously been competing against as many of them have competed in UK Strongest man.

In a performance far surpassing the practical failure that was Northwich, Martin actually ended up ranking 5th out of 11 competitors, beaten by just 1.5 points from 4th place, and by just 2.5 points from 3rd. Even though Martin didn't podium rank, he was awarded the Warrior of the Day trophy, which is a great confidence boost to be acknowledged as a competitor amongst such strong competition.

The events were as follows:

  • Truck Pull
  • Log Press
  • Flip and Carry
  • Axe Hold
  • Cross Walk
To read the full report, click the link at the top. The report covers all of the events and also has links to Martin taking part in the events themselves, and there's even one of him recieving his award.