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Sunshower Special Offer

Just in case the top of the page wasnt a big enough clue, the sunshowers are currently on special offer. Typically, nine minutes on the sunshower would cost £3, but for July only, nine minutes on the sunshower will cost just £1.00!

9 mins on the sunshower for just £1.00!
This offer applies to July only!

Don't delay!

Smallest Extension Yet

We finally took out the old reception, a relic of before the gym was extended on the side. Its been standing for more than five years, and after building it myself, it was a little strange to take a crowbar to it and completely dismantle it. However, if there is one thing we need in the gym it is more space, and removing this old reception means that we can finally take some of the machines out from the middle weights room and spread them out. More room for people to train is long awaited by many members.

Also, we will soon be upgrading the equipment with a full line of new machines, and we will also be installing new machines that the gym currently lacks. Its all looking very good, see below in this very short photo-diary of the reception removal:

Andy Bennet Closes Grippers!

Congatulations to Andy Bennett who today became the first person in the gym to close the 180lb grippers with both his right and left hands and receives a free year's membership at Titans Gym and Fitness.

 Edit: I have added this to the special offers section, even though its not technically a special offer.


I have completed the site upgrade! It may not look like much and thats exactly what I was aiming for. The best transitions are those that go un-noticed. Any firefox users will notice that we now support RSS news feeds! Anyone who uses the Google toolbar or the Google Homepage can now add funky Titans Gym news feeds. Internet Explorer users just need to upgrade or switch browser ;) You can download Firefox from the link on the right at the bottom.

If you find any broken links then please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.! Its really important that I haven't missed anything, and even though I dont think I have, things like broken images or missing pages are annoying not only to the website visitors but also to the poor guy who gets to trawl through thousands of logs to find one missing file. That guy in this case is me, so please report anything thats broken and make my life a little easier.

 I just finished updating the past news posts too.

MetRx Special Offer

We have a special offer on MetRx Sachets. The list price for a box of 20 MetRx protein shake sachets is £40. Currently and only while sources for stock remain we are selling these boxes for:

 Just £25 each!


 This is an additional discount of 18% on top of the existing 20% protein discount for a massive 38% discont. This offer is available only over the counter at Titans Gym, but arrangements can be made for postal delivery. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you want to arrange payment and delivery to anywhere in the UK.

 In related news, I have added a Special Offers news topic, unsurprisingly for news about special offers.

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