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New Super Yoke

We recieved the delivery of Martin's new Super yoke today. Considering his current lack of experience in this stong man event, this has come at a great time in his training. I recorded a video of his first use of the equipment. The Yoke itself weighs a mere 30 kilos when unloaded, and Martins try of 260 kilos when loaded today went very well. Videos coming soon!

Barnard Castle Report

An article has been added to the site detailing the 2006 Barnard Castle Steam Show Strongest Man. After a good start, winning the truck pull and finishing third in the farmers walk, he was leading the score board. However, he was unable to complete the log lift or the Stones due to a biceps injury, which was aggravated on the log lift, and ended up finsihing in 5th place.

 Read the Barnard Castle report here.

 The videos of the events have been uploaded. Watch them all here.



Strongman & Training Videos

There is a new section on the website full of videos of strongman events and training. There are currently three videos in the two sections showing two strongman events and some log press training.

 Check out the new strongman videos right here!



There is the ability to leave comments or even rate the videos in this database, but it is currently disabled. If you think that this is something you would like to use, then please send me some feedback and I will enable it.

Update: due to the sit redesign, this section is still in development and should soon be linked from the main navigation. 

Barnard Castle Strength Challenge

On Monday 29th May 2006 (bank holiday) I will be competing in the Barnard Steam Show Strongest Man held at Streatlatm Farm as part of the Barnard Castle Steam Show. This is an open competition. The events are log press, car lift hold, super yoke, stones and truck pull. The show starts at 1pm. Anyone wishing to attend should contact me for directions.

Worlds Strongest Man TV Schedule

Channel 5 will begin airing the 2005 MET-Rx World's Strongest Contest on January 1 at 7:00 pm. The World's Strongest Man shows will continue throughout the first week of January, and the final is set for airing on January 6.


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