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Deadlift Power

Earlier this year I managed to pull 320kg off the floor in a raw lift. Two weeks ago I pulled 360kg for a comfortable partial deadlift, again this lift was a raw lift. Last Friday I bought a powersuit from Andy Bolton (World Record holder in deadlift  with a 455kg lift). I have never used a suit before but hopefully this will allow me to add yet more poundage to my deadlift training regime.

UKs Strongest Man 2008

Shawn got invited to the UKs Strongest Man today which is to take place in Ireland over this coming weekend. Results to follow.


Check out the latest videos of me and shawn competing in the videos section.

UKs Strongest Man Northern Qualifier

On Saturday 31st May 2008 I entered the UK’s Strongest Man Northern Qualifier. The events were: 1) 125kg log for timed reps, 2) 125kg farmers for distance, 3) 15 tonne bus pull for 25 metres, 4) Car deadlift for timed reps, 5) Stones. After 3 events my points were ok but I was dissappointed with my bus pull attempt and twisted my knee on the deadlifts on the second rep. It was only a minor injury but after my terrible bus pull, an event I had hoped to win or place highly in, I pulled out as I had no way now of making enough points to reach 4th place and qualify so there was no point in risking further injury. I finished 10th overall. 



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