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If you are competent using the equipment in this gym then an induction is not necessary. However, if required, an induction on how to use the equipment safely will be given by one of our qualified Personal Trainers on site. 

If you require a full Exercise Programme they will start by sitting down and having an informal and private chat with you at our comfy reception area discussing your aims and goals, current lifestyle and exercise history. They will then draw up a specialised programme for you and take you through the programme exercise by exercise, demonstrating how each exercise is performed correctly. 

If you want to book a PT then just contact them directly for prices.

Chris Graham PT 07921558315

Shawn Kenny PT 07454806704


Titans Gym Ltd.

3 - 5 Thomas Street
CH41 5DD

0151 647 7870

Monday to Friday
7am to 9pm

Saturday & Sunday
10am to 4pm

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