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Equipment Repairs

Over the past few months we've had 3 sets of dumbbells a couple of 20kg discs and the deadlift machine broken due to mis-use. Weights are not designed to be dropped as this not only breaks the weights and machines themselves but also damages the floor. Repairs have been carried out today at a total cost of just under £1000, if anyone is caught dropping weights or mis-using equipment from now on they will be BANNED!

Punch Bag Area Now Open

We have been working since the move to get as many facilities open as possible. As of today we have opened (peripherally) our Punch Bag / Boxing area. Half of the area is ready for use with the remaining half being cleared, cleaned and made ready for more punch bags over the next few days. In the near future we will be finishing off the whole area with a perspex finish above the safety rail, seperating the facility completely from the shop and the cafe as well as providing privacy for boxers and sparers.

Members and trainers are welcome to bring their own mitts, gloves and accessories!

Note: Titans has no affiliation with the UFC. The bag pictured is the one we hung today with several more coming soon.

New Website Under Development

As regular visitors will realize we are undergoing a complete overhaul of the Titans Gym website. This has been on the cards since July last year and Peter (of Sharp Horizon) is finally getting time enough to see to it. I suppose this is the cost of being good at what you do: everyone wants you to do it for them.

The site will have a lot of new features, including:

  • An integrated shop for pre-ordering / buying off the shelf supplements
  • A membership payment system so you can pay for your membership on-line with a credit or debit card!
  • A forum (possibly)
  • Integration into our Facebook profile and page

It also looks a lot fancier than the last one too. Several of our users experienced "virus" troubles. This was in fact a false alarm generated by some JavaScripts running on our old site that had been used on several malicious sites. Naturally Titans Gym was never malicious, but some Anti-Virus software recognised these scripts, used for integrating the clothing shop into the website, as potentially dangerous. Since this is an entirely new site with entirely new scripting this problem will be solved for everyone.

If you do experience trouble with the site, find a dead link or have a page load incorrectly then please report it! The more reports we get the better and more reliable the site will be. Suggestions... espeically reasonable ones are very welcome too.

Send error or bug reports to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get them fixed. Keep checking back for updates!

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