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Local Regeneration

It has been rumoured that the group of properties housing the gym will be pulled down as part of the Local Council regeneration. Yesterday afternoon I had a 45 minute meeting with Mr James Hurley from the Planning and Economic Development Department of the Council. I wanted to know the following: bullet What are the regeneration plans for Church Road...
  • What buildings will be effected.
  • What is the timescale for these plans.
  • If The Council want to purchase a particular property and the owner refuses to sell, will they then enforce a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO).
  • If a CPO is issued on a property, how much money will be paid to the owner.
  • What will happen to any existing businesses within a property that is due to be bought and demolished by The Council.

 During my discussion with Mr Hurley the following points were brought up:
  • Regeneration plans are definitely underway and The Council has access to large amounts of money from a range of sources including European and Central Government sources to regenerate the Church Road Corridor.
  • Regeneration has already started with the acquisition and demolition of the properties opposite the gym. The Abakhan properties are also due to be demolished and the whole area opposite the gym is to be sold to a developer with the view to building a mini business park similar to the recent regeneration in neighbouring Rock Ferry. The idea behind this is businesses in other parts of Church Road can then be re-housed here without closing or causing any disruption. This means that the regeneration plans won't drive any businesses out of the area or force them to close.
  • Funding is made available in stages and at the moment The Council only has funding for the demolition of the Abakhan properties. That said, development on this land will definitely take place as will further regeneration of The Church Road Corridor. As such, a time scale cannot be put on these developments at the moment.
  • With regards to the properties housing the gym being demolished and the gym being forced to move, this is a possibility in the future, but not before other regeneration on the top of Church Road has been done first. Mr Hurley explained that this may well be a possibility in the future, but there is no realistic way this could possibly happen within the next two years.
  • If the gym is forced to move it will be re-housed in a better property in the mini business park across the road, resulting in zero business down time and minimal disruption.
  • Any properties purchased by The Council will be subject to valuation by a valuer of the owner's choice and paid for by The Council. The Council will then pay full market value for the property. bullet It is not The Council's aim to Compulsory Purchase any properties. They would rather the property owner co-operate with their plans. If a property owner refuses to sell a property wanted by The Council, the The Council will try and persuade him/her of the benefits of selling a moving business.

It was a concern of mine before this meeting that the gym will be forced to close or move soon after I had invested £40k on the aerobics hall and a further £20k on the work below due to start in the new year. I went into the meeting with the view that there was no way I wanted the gym to close or move, as this would be unfair on members, plus I'd be losing the best part of £60k (more money than I wasted on my last girlfriend!). However, as mentioned above, if the gym was forced to move, it would only be across the road, wouldn't be for at least another 2 years, it would be re-housed in a better, brand new and more modern property, and any money spent on buildings work underway on the existing gym would put value on these properties, meaning the money would be recouped if the properties housing the gym were acquired and demolished by The Council.

 So to conclude, there is no way the gym will be forced to close.

Improvements Underway

As reported on 10th September below we are planning many improvements. Monday 3rd January 2005 sees the builders coming in. As stated below we are knocking through to the newly acquired building next door which used to, until recently, house Priory Quality Meats. This will house a brand new reception area complete with a shop front, giving more frontage to the gym, as well as a large cardio area. This work will be done in conjunction with the removal of the existing reception area and the wall dividing the current cardio room from the current reception area, resulting in a large upper weights/resistance machines gym. The wall dividing the current two weights rooms will also be removed resulting in a larger weights room. Thus, the gym will go from its current format of a small cardio room, small reception area and two small weights rooms to a large reception area, large cardio room, double sized weights/machines machines area and a large weights room. Its current format of 4 small gyms will be converted into 3 large gyms with a large reception area. All in all the gym is set to double in size.

This work will be done in conjunction with a complete re-decoration of the gym both internal and external as well as a roof overhaul.

The new format of the gym will thus be reception area; cardio room; weights/resistance machines room; free weights room; toilets; aerobics and boxing hall; changing rooms and sunbed room. Please note that the entrance to the gym will be changing once the shop front next door is installed.

As also stated below we will be adding more equipment as well. Strongman training equipment will be available to use in the new year at the rear of the gym. Please ask me for more details.

Property Sale Update

As mentioned below on 10th September the properties housing the gym have been put up for sale. Please note again, that this does not mean that the gym itself has been put up for sale, it means the property housing the gym will be sold to a new landlord, with the gym remaining here on a 10 year lease. The reason for the sale is to finance the improvements outlined below.

The properties were officially placed for sale on Saturday 2nd October 2004. Since then the response has been very good with several viewings having already taken place. Hopefully these properties will be sold by the end of next month, allowing us to go ahead with the improvements listed below over the xmas period.

 Note to potential commercial investors.

 Property sale comprises the following:
  • 3 currently tenanted commercial investment properties for sale 46,46a,46b Church Road, Tranmere, Wirral, CH42 0LG.
  • 46 Church Road houses existing offices let by Maritime and Riverside Housing Association on a 1 year FRI lease yielding a £325 pcm rental income.
  • 46a and 46b houses existing Health Club Titans Gym and Fitness let on a 10 year FRI lease yielding a £920 pcm rental income.
  • Flying freehold above Health Club housing a current flat is NOT being offered for sale.
  • It is a condition of the contract of sale that works including a roof overhaul, internal and external decoration, external render and external waterworks will be undertaken within 6 months of the completion of sale on 46a and 46b.
  • The area is a regeneration area with works already underway opposite to remove old buildings and develop the land by the council. As such there is no stamp duty payable on the purchase of these properties.
  • Offers in the region of £180 000 will be considered.

If there are any commercial investors interested please contact Martin Mckane on 07812 183 199 to discuss this further and arrange a viewing.

Coming Soon

Coming soon is a brand new website featuring better navigation and a better look. There will also be an e-commerce section with supplements available to order over the internet.


The property housing the gym has recently been put up for sale with a lease in place. This means that if sold, the gym will no longer own the property in which it is in but will rather pay a new landlord rent for occupying the property. It does not mean that the gym is being sold or is closing. Furthermore the new lease in place includes the building next door which currently houses Priory Quality Meats, who are leaving. This means that this building will become part of the gym. It is proposed that the money raised from the sale of the property will be used for the following:

  • Pay off debt
  • Install new roof
  • Install new outside render and water works
  • Re-decorate inside of gym
  • Knock down existing wall between 2 weights rooms (resulting in a larger weights room)
  • Knock through to empty Priory Meats building and move reception area next door
  • Remove existing reception
  • Knock down cardio room wall creating a larger cardio room

    The result will be a larger, more open plan gym with a separate reception area. We will also be adding more equipment to this as well. We even have plans to convert the rest of the neighbouring property into a strong man training area, housing a range of strong man events.
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    Gym Equipment & Renovations

    Next week sees the installation of two much needed ventilation systems in the weights room and the cardio room.

    We have also ordered a new Powerjog treadmill which will be in place Monday 7th June 2004. This will give 30 pieces of gym equipment as follows:

  • 8 x cardio
  • 10 x weights machines
  • 12 x benches etc