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It was reported on 15th December (in the news archive section) last year how The Council are regenerating the Church Road Corridor. Last year I had a meeting with one of the Economic Development Officers from The Council, Mr James Hurley, who informed me it was The Council's aim to demolish and re-site buildings along the Church Road Corridor. He stated that they didn't know at the time exactly which buildings were to be demolished. There was a possibility they may leave certian buildings standing and develop around these buildings, or else demolish entire blocks of buildings and re-develop the entire area. In August this year I attended another meeting run by The Council at which they expressed their desire to demolish everywhere along the Church Road Corridor and re-develop the sites.Again, like last year, this desire was still not definite. Recently I have heard that a few owners of properties in The Church Road Corridor have been made offers for their properties by The Council. I would at this stage like to stress that I own 4 properties in The Church Road Corridor, two of which house Titans Gym and Fitness, ansd at no time yet have I been approached by The Council with an offer to buy the properties. However, if I am forced to sell the properties to the council to keep in with their regeneration plans, then I'd like to stress that this will not affect the running of the gym.I have sought legal advice and have been informed that before The Council become owners of the properties housing the gym, if they were to make an offer, then they would legally have to provide me with a new building to house Titans Gym and Fitness and this building would have to be completed and kitted out, ready for a gym re-location, before they took ownership of the properties housing the current gym. Furthermore, this re-location would have to be within the Church Road Corridor and would have to result in zero business down time. So to conclude, there is a possibility the properties housing the gym may be purchased by The Council as part of their regeneration plans. If this does take place then the gym will simply be re-located and will not close.

Extension Report Added

I have written a breakdown of the recent extension to the gym. It can be found here: The 2005 Extension to Titans Gym & Fitness, or you can find it yourself in the Facilities section. It contains some high quality images of the gym and our new reception, warm-up room and cardio vascular area, and briefly lists some of our future plans. It is well worth a read, because of this extension we now offer so much more!

Note: Site has been reupgraded, please check the Facilities section under Misc. Thanks. 

Extension Open!

The building next door acquired by Titans Gym last November 2004 has now been completely renovated and will be opening Monday 1st August 2005. This will house a new reception area as well as a new cardio area. Other renovations on the gym, including removing internal walls to make a larger gym as well as a complete decoration and the addition of more equipment will continue to take place throughout the year.


The extension work next door is nearly done with a lead time to opening the end of the month. This will provide a new reception area and a new cardio area.

Expansion Next Door

The expansion works next door are going at a steady rate. The lead time to completion was the end of April 05. The work remaining includes, fitting the shop front,skimming the walls,fitting the electrical faces and decoration. The apporox lead time is now mid June 05, though it may be completed earlier. Once this work is completed, as stated below, we plan to sell the neighbouring property currently let as offices but owned by Titans Gym and Fitness. The money yielded from this will be used to further expand the existing gym. The current reception area and the wall creating the cardio room will be removed as well as the wall separating the two weights rooms. This will result in one large weights area, a large machines area and a cardio area. Thus the gym will be converted from its current format of 4 small rooms into 3 large gym sections. The floor space is expected to double in size when all this is complete. Work on this will start once the conversion of the neighbouring property 46b has been completed.

New Site Design Goes Online!

As you can see, the new website is finally online! We have made many major upgrades, and there are a lot more features now than ever before.

You can sign up to the website to gain access to every area, have the site recognise you and remember your personal settings, and choose to recieve our very infrequent newsletters. Take a good look around, you will find everything you are used to seeing on www.titansgym.net plus a lot more!

 Perhaps the biggest upgrade to the site is the Titan Store. Look up to the top right of the screen and you can see that, very soon, we will be selling supplements at our usual great prices online. We still have a little work to do before we will be taking orders, credit card transactions and eCheques, but the systems are in place and all we really need to get organized is the delivery.

For people new to the gym and to this site, then welcome! We really hope you like what you see, because this latest version has been in near constant development since November 2004. If you find any problems, any missing images, or anything thats simply broken, please take the time to send us some feedback so we can improve our services and fix what needs fixing.

 For those of you who are interested, the old website is still online, and can be found right here.

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