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Britian's Strongest Man 2007

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Relocation Updates


Just an update on the situation regarding the relocation of Titans Gym & Fitness.  Wirral Borough Council plan to demolish this entire section of Church Road. It will be replaced with houses and a mini business park across the road from the current location of Titans Gym & Fitness.


Work is currently underway on the site opposite which has been deemed Phase A of the plan. The whole regeneration project will be conducted via a piecewise process of property acquisition, demolition, green citing and finally building work. Each phase appears to be quite a lengthy process with plans needing to be drawn up and approved for planning permission before the site is sold to developers and building work started.

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AFC The Rod Win The League

Titans Gym & Fitness recently sponsored an amateur football club. AFC The Rod have won both their league and their tournament, and they look very smart in their Titans Gym kit!

League Winners: AFC The Rod

Council Acquisition Progression

We have had an update from the council regarding the current acquisition process of the properties that currently house the gym. The gym will, inevitably, be moving to a new location soon, but precisely when is very difficult to gauge. A detailed notice has been posted on the boards in the gym and is posted here too. Read more for the full story.

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Training Vests Added

Due to high demand we ave added a couple of heavy-duty training vests. They have been designed specifically for sports use, particularly on the track or at the gym. Two colours are available: white and red, with pink or black available on request.

Shirts In Stock

We have got a range of our new shirts in stock at the gym. Available over the counter you can save yourself £4.00 in postage and get them whenever you want them!


 We also have a few Worlds Strongest Man sponsor MetRx T's left and some Evolution Fight-Wear gear. Coming very soon are a full range of bag gloves and hand wraps..

Titans Clothing Now Available!

We have introduced a whole new product line to our existing ranges: .

 The clothes are all high quality and often branded from makes such as Nike or Adidas. We have a wide range and we will be adding more clothes on demand. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your questions or requests for clothes or designs.

 Take a look through the range, theres something for everyone with everything from XXXL super-sized T-Shirts to women's fitted tops and sports jackets.

Merry Christmas!

To all our members, visitors, staff and friends...

 Merry Christmas and a happy new year!