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Dickies Hoodies!


We have added a new set of three training tops to our gym wear store! We have two designer Dickies hoodies for men and a Puma training jacket for women with the Titans Gym round logo on the back. Check them out:


Designer Titans Gym Hoodies


Chrismas Opening Hours

The Christmas opening hours are as follows:

Monday 24th December
(Christmas Eve) 

7:00am until 4:00pm

Tuesday 25th December
(Christmas Day) 


Wednesday 26th December
(Boxing Day) 

 Thursday 27th December
10:00am until 4:00pm
 Friday 28th December
10:00am until 4:00pm
 Saturday 29th December
10:00am until 4:00pm
 Sunday 30th December
10:00am until 4:00pm
 Monday 31st December
10:00am until 4:00pm

 Tuesday 1st Jan 2008
(New Years Day) 

 Wednesday 2nd January 2008
7:00am until 9:00pm

Renovation Progress Update

Just a quick progress update:

Building work
The walls between the weights rooms and the aerobics halls are both now down. There is still some structural work left to be done and once everything had been tidied up a new concrete floor will be poured to level off everything perfectly across the whole gym, leaving one completely open, entirely heavy duty and perfectly level weight lifting area.

The equipment is scheduled for delivery for the second week of January at the latest. There is a chance that it may arrive sooner. Until then, the gym will continue to be laid out as it is. Even though the equipment has been rearranged to maximize space efficiency there is still plenty of room to fit a decent session in, so don't worry.

I will be posting more updates as they are required.

New Weights Equipment

We have put together the "final" list of the new weights machines that we will be installing in the gym for 2008. There is a good chance that this list may be added to before the renovations and restocking is complete.


Weight Machines 

  •  Seated row
  •  45 degree pec dec / pec fly
  • 2 x ab rollers
  •  Ab board
  •  Cable crossover
  •  Hyperextension
  •  Chest pad row
  •  Lat pulldown
  •  Tricep station
  •  Leg extension
  •  Lying leg curl
  • Dip / chin bar

Levers & Weights 

  •  Decline bench
  •  2 x olympic flat bench
  •  Adjustable include bench
  • Lever narrow lever bench
  •  Super incline lever bench
  •  Seated lever decline bench
  •  Lever chest pad row
  •  Seated shoulder press
  •  Smith machine
  •  Narrow lever shoulder
  •  Lever calf raise
  •  Lever leg extension
  •  Lever preacher curl
  •  4 x Adjustable bench
  •  23 x dumbell pairs (2.5kg to 80kg)
  •  Squat / power rack
  •  45 degree leg press
  •  45 degree hack squat
  •  Lever front squat
  •  Preacher board
  •  Single arm lever row
  •  Lever leg curl
  •  Dead lift / shrug platform


We are expecting the equipment to be made and installed ready for the first or second week of January 2008. Until then there will be extensive renovations taking place in the gym including: 

  • Complete redecoration
  • Internal walls removing
  • Additional rubber flooring
  • Rebranding 

PDF    Download the final layout here (1.94 Mb Adobe PDF Format)

Building Work

Titans Gym will be closed this Sunday 18th November 2007 for the first phase of building work. All building works will be completed in 6 weeks time. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause over the next 6 weeks but it will be worth it when the new gym is ready at xmas. 

Remodelling and Complete Re-equip

The new equipment for Titans Gym has been announced! 

After two years of planning and dozens of overcome set-backs we are proud to finally announce what we have been promising for so long: our complete re-equip and gym remodelling.

Our plans to generate a large sum to invest into the gym came to fruit two weeks ago. Since then we have had these plans painstakingly drawn up, we have narrowed down our choice of equipment with a little help from many of our members and we can now produly present these images:

The new layout of the gym

Click for a full resolution view (new window)

Read more: Remodelling and Complete Re-equip

Gym Improvements

On Friday 2nd November 2007 I finally sold the neighboring property, number 46 Church Road, to Wirral Borough Council. I had held this property free from any mortgage charge and the cash generated from the sale will be used to make significant improvements to the gym.

Building work will start next week to remove three internal walls. This will open the gym out into three large training areas and will double the existing floor space. I have also decided to scrap the aerobics hall, do away with classes and concentrate more on the gym a hardcore training market. It will still be suitable to women and those who do not wish to get massive as there will be a large and renewed cardio section. The new weights equipment is also suitable for all types of people. We will, however, no longer offer classes. Punch bags will still be available, although  the current aerobics hall/punch bag room will be incorporated into the new gym and will contain gym equipment, with two punch bags being made available in a separate section of the old aerobics hall.

 All gym equipment will be replaced with brand new equipment from Powerzone. This can be viewed on their website at www.powerzoneuk.com . We will be adding about 50 pieces of new kit that will include plate loaded lever machines, originally designed by Hammerstrength and  which are favoured by bodybuilders. The new gym will contain many pieces of kit which it currently lacks such as a T bar, Smith Machine, Incline and Decline Bench. We will also significantly upgrade the cardio section by adding new treadmills as well as new bikes, cross trainers and concept 2 rowers.

 A 3D plan of how the gym will look will be posted online soon.

 The lead time to completion will be the beginning of January 2007.

Britian's Strongest Man 2007

Don't forget to watch Britain's Strongest Man at 8:00pm each night this week on channel 5.

Relocation Updates


Just an update on the situation regarding the relocation of Titans Gym & Fitness.  Wirral Borough Council plan to demolish this entire section of Church Road. It will be replaced with houses and a mini business park across the road from the current location of Titans Gym & Fitness.


Work is currently underway on the site opposite which has been deemed Phase A of the plan. The whole regeneration project will be conducted via a piecewise process of property acquisition, demolition, green citing and finally building work. Each phase appears to be quite a lengthy process with plans needing to be drawn up and approved for planning permission before the site is sold to developers and building work started.

Read more: Relocation Updates